Past  engagements sample



Sinking of DEEP WATER HORIZON, 20 April 2010

Sinking of m.v. "SEWOL" on 16 April 2014

Unsafe Port Investigations

Sinking of m.v. "HYUNDAI NO.105" on 22 May 2004

Catastrophic Sinking, 2018

Sinking of m.v. "COSTA CONCORDIA" on 13 January 2012

Complex multi-physics design defect investigations

Design defect disputes, Forensics of shaft alignment and stern tube bearing performance and failures

Structural Integrity After Fire

Semisubmirsibles seakeeping and stability

Independent power, speed and fuel oil consumption assessment and measurement

Sinking of m.v. "NAPOLEON BONAPARTE" 28 October 2010

Catastrophic Foundering

Sinking of a newbuilt vessel

Designing / Supervising bespoke seakeeping physical model testing, analyses, theoretical modelling and expert witness

Multihull seakeeping

Damaged ship hydrodynamics, seakeeping and stability

Forensics of containership collision

Accident reconstruction / simulations, forensic investigations

Bespoke FEM, shaft alignment and tribology analyses, multiphysics simulations, design defect determination

Holistic FEM and hydrodynamic loading analyses

Designing/supervising bespoke laboratory testing design and analysis