Dr Andrzej Jasionowski practices forensic naval architecture and marine enineering.

He holds a PhD in damaged vessel hydrodynamics from the University of Strathclyde, UK, (2002).

He has specialised since 1995 in the application of advanced numerical techniques for stability, hydrodynamics, oil film lubrication, ship flooding simulations, probabilistic assessment of time to sink and capsize, holistic risk quantification, shaft alignment, FEM, and forensics of collision, grounding, unsafe port and in assessment of design defects.

He advised on foundering of several ships including bulk carriers, m.v. “DERBYSHIRE”, ropax, m.v. “ESTONIA”, m.v. “NAPOLEON BONAPARTE”, m.v. “SEWOL”, m.v. “HYUNDAI No.105”, m.v. “ROCKNESS”, offshore semisubmersible “DEEP WATER HORIZON”, among others.

He advised on new building and other disputes regarding ship weight, fuel oil consumption, shaft alignment, stern tube (journal) bearing failures, slewing bearing failures, structural integrity, propulsion, stability, capacity, unsafe ports, supported sea trials and yard inspections.

He advised government organisations (UK, EC) on regulatory developments for risk mitigation (with presentations to the International Maritime Organisation IMO).

Andrzej has developed advanced decision support systems for effective operation and flooding crises management and supported the design development of several significant new building projects.

He is an author, co-author, co-contributor to articles published in journals, conferences and books.

Andrzej has contributed as and has acted as an expert witness at arbitration hearings (UK, FRANCE, SOUTH KOREA, SOUTH AFRICA, SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, AUSTRALIA).

Dipl.-Ing. Wenzel Schwabenland practices marine surveying and casualty investigations.

He has worked in various parts of the marine industry and has extensive knowledge across the marine market.

He worked as Task Force Surveyor, for a highly renowned Classification Society, where he carried out periodical surveys on vessels worldwide in order to identify substandard vessels. He established newbuilding process reviews on shipyards around the globe, especially in Asia. He specialised in attainment of compliance of newbuildings and ships in service with Rules and Regulations from the Classification Societies, IACS standards and Statutory Rules of different Flag Sstates. 

He was Principal Surveyor in more than 250 cases of H&M, LoH and General Average worldwide whilst operating at his own company in Singapore. These cases comprised damage investigations, cause investigations, repair proposals, tendering processes, cost control and certification. 

Wenzel has contributed as and has acted as an expert witness at arbitration hearings in UK, and supported Law firms in Singapore and UK in technical investigations. 

He has led a projects as Technical Director with one of the biggest Ship Financial Institutions, allowing him to gain detailed knowledge on ship finance and ship management, advising the financial institutions on technical and operational aspects as OPEX, dockings and maintenance planning.

In his last assignment, Wenzel was the Technical Director and Deputy Managing Director of one of the biggest bulk shipowners in the world, in charge of the technical operation of 120 Vessels managed in house and by 3rd party managers, responsible for the Fleet budgets and vessels performance. Furthermore, he contributed in optimization process and energy efficiency projects for the entire fleet and future designs of vessels. 

Wenzel is member of VDSS (Association of German Marine Experts -Verband Deutscher Schiffahrt-Sachverständiger e.V.) and FEMAS (Federation of European Maritime Associations of Surveyors and Consultants).